31 July

Oasis Umbrella Services

We are proud to inform you that Oasis Group has been now

FCSA accredited for its Accounting and Umbrella services.

Oasis Umbrella thrives to offer unparalleled services to all the employees who are willing to work as independent contractors and freelancers and enjoy the benefits they would have enjoyed working with a single employer.

Why Oasis Umbrella....?

· Easy and Simple onboarding Process

o Fully compliant same day set up process

· Continuous Employment

o Uninterrupted employment for all your contracting jobs. You maintain employment with the same employer which will help with     mortgage and loan applications

· Fast Payment System

o Same day faster payment service

· Your own dedicated point of contact

o At Oasis, we believe in the personal touch, so you will have your own dedicated Contract Manager during your employment with us

· Employee Online Portal

o You can access the user-friendly Oasis Umbrella online portal any time

· Insurance Cover

o We include a £17 million comprehensive insurance package for any uncertainties

· Work-Place Pensions

o We take care of your Auto Enrolment pension contributions

· Private Pensions

o The facility of contributing towards personal pensions

· Flexible Services

o Flexible solutions around your client requirements

Please contact our Oasis Umbrella Team for further details:

Marco Carluchi

Email: marco@oasisumbrella.co.uk

Phone: 078512 45025

Tyler Haynes

Email: tyler@oasisumbrella.co.uk

Phone: 075454 24411