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Fee Protection

Afraid of HMRC inspections? Keep calm the answer is fee protection insurance

Give yourself peace of mind by investing in our fee protection insurance to protect yourself from the risk of costly professional fees, It is a tax investigation and advice service that will safeguard you from the risk of unplanned costly professional fees. Take our professional fee protection and relax in the knowledge that should you be selected for a tax investigation our professional fees will be covered.

Our exclusive fee protection includes:

Dealing with all HMRC correspondence

We act as liaison with HMRC

All fees cover the policy related to the investigation

Attendance at any hearings


Insurance policy through tax-wise

In the event of tax enquiry, you can claim money

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About Oasis Accountants

Look no further for an accountant - our headquarters is based in Chiswick Business Park.

Think of us as the accountants you & your business needs. For tailored accountancy services look no further! Our headquarter is based in Chiswick Business Park, and our newest office premises include Bromley- Kent, Wellingborough and Bishopsgate which are accessible for all accountancy customers across London and around.

Oasis offers a “big city” level of expertise and a vast range of specialist services. The most fundamental way in which we differ from the rest of the market is in our unique approach to clients needs.

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