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We offer business recovery and formal insolvency options to businesses that find themselves in difficulties or are simply looking to reorganize their businesses.

We understand that this is a complex and controversial area so taking expert advice from insolvency professionals is necessary to assure that not only due process is followed, but also you are guided through in the most appropriate way for your circumstances.

Oasis can advise regarding your options and work with you to chart the best course of action. We are here as insolvency experts to guide you through the financial, legal and regulatory implications. In unusual cases, we will help you arrange a corporate or individual voluntary arrangement, which lets the opportunity to try to trade out of a tough financial position.

Our insolvency team can help you with:

Corporate restructuring

Corporate liquidation


Negotiating with creditors

Seeking alternatives to insolvency

Oasis also offers services to individuals, sole traders and partnerships in financial crises.

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About Oasis Accountants

Look no further for an accountant - our headquarters is based in Chiswick Business Park.

Think of us as the accountants you & your business needs. For tailored accountancy services look no further! Our headquarter is based in Chiswick Business Park, and our newest office premises include Bromley- Kent, Wellingborough and Bishopsgate which are accessible for all accountancy customers across London and around.

Oasis offers a “big city” level of expertise and a vast range of specialist services. The most fundamental way in which we differ from the rest of the market is in our unique approach to clients needs.

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