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Will Writing

Where there’s a will

After a lifetime of building up assets and working hard to provide financial security, you want to make sure the right people benefit. However, unless your wishes are properly documented, there is a danger that your assets won’t be distributed as you wish.

Writing a will could be one of the most important things you ever do. It ensures your family is well-cared for and tax liabilities are minimised. It is particularly important if you have complex family arrangements.

Did you know?

If you do not make a will, the assets of your estate become subject to the laws of probate. This means, depending on the size of your estate:

Your spouse may not get everything you intend for them;

Children may not get as much as you hope and step-children will have no claim;

‘Common-law’ partners may get nothing;

Long-estranged relatives could take a share, even though you never speak;

Close friends and favoured charities are left out;

Personal items might need to be sold to raise funds for death duties;

The Government could end up with an unnecessary chunk of your money in the form of Inheritance Tax

Consequently, even for the most straightforward cases, it is essential to put your plans in place long before they might actually be needed. Regular reviews will keep those plans up to date as your circumstances change. This is the best way to ensure your family is properly safeguarded.

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Oasis Estate Planning, Offer comprehensive estate planning and advice service that takes care of all your needs. Alongside basic will writing, we also offer help setting up trusts, Lasting Power of Attorney(Health & Fiance). Giving advice on tax planning to minimise any potential liability.

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