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Estate planning is
crucial for effectively
passing on your
wealth to your heirs.

Estate planning entails organizing your assets in the most efficient manner for the future generation to whom the assets will be passed. It is vital to minimize the tax burden on your heirs when they inherit the property. It requires some time and careful planning to develop the most effective strategy, but it is worthwhile to invest a little effort. A properly structured will alone can significantly reduce the amount of tax that must be paid. We offer top-notch estate planning services in the UK.

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Will Writing

Will Writing
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After a lifetime of accumulating assets and striving diligently to ensure financial stability, it is imperative to ensure that the intended individuals benefit. Nevertheless, without appropriate documentation of your wishes, there is a risk that your assets may not be distributed according to your desires.

Creating a will can be one of the most significant actions you take in your lifetime. It guarantees the well-being of your family and reduces tax obligations. This is especially crucial if you have intricate family arrangements.

Did you Know?

If you do not make a will, the assets of your estate become subject to the laws of probate. This means that, depending on the size of your estate:

Accordingly, even for the simplest scenarios, it is vital to establish your plans well in advance of when they may become necessary. Regular assessments will maintain the currency of those plans as your circumstances alter. This is the optimal approach to guarantee that your family is adequately protected.

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Oasis Estate Planning offers a comprehensive estate planning and advisory service that caters to all your needs. In addition to drafting basic wills, we also provide assistance in establishing trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorney (Health & Finance). We offer guidance on tax planning to minimize any potential liability.

Trust and Executorships

Trust And Executor-Ships

When considering the transfer of assets to heirs, estate planning becomes essential. One of the key elements is Trust and Executorships. A trust ensures that the property is inherited by the specified beneficiaries and prevents others from inheriting it. There are four distinct types of trusts: life interest trust, discretionary trust, accumulation and maintenance trust, and bare trust. The choice of trust depends on the specific needs. A well-designed trust can help reduce inheritance tax. We offer a comprehensive range of estate planning services to cater to all requirements.

When making preparations for a will, it is crucial to select the individuals who will serve as your executors. As such, executorships hold significant importance in estate planning. We can act as your professional executors or offer support to your family in executing the will. Our services encompass regular assistance in inheritance tax preparation and estate administration, ensuring that your heirs receive the maximum benefits from your assets. We specialize in will and estate planning, serving as a dependable pillar during your estate planning journey. Take advantage of the finest estate planning services available at the oasis.

Lasting Power of Attorney

Power Of Attorney

Entrusting someone with authority may raise some doubts for you. When you acknowledge your inability to make decisions and seek someone to do so on your behalf, that's when the power of attorney services become relevant. You possess the ability to delegate decision-making to someone well-versed in the law, providing you with the finest counsel available. Presently, astute individuals opt for professional power of attorney services to resolve family disputes. You can place your complete trust in us, as we assure you that our services will not disappoint you.

A lasting power of attorney is granted when one believes they are unable to make decisions independently. It grants all rights to the chosen individual. When one is unwell and recognizes their inability to make sound decisions, the medical power of attorney comes into play. When one wishes to transfer financial control to someone else, the financial power of attorney assumes great significance. All such transfers of power are conducted under legal supervision, and we assist in guiding you along the appropriate path, providing advice as needed.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Residency And Domicile

Domicile is the country in which a person has a residence and which usually depends on the place of birth. If someone wishes to leave their place of birth and settle down in the UK, the government imposes significant tax implications. The taxation process is determined by the individual's residence, ordinary residence, and domicile. Residence, in general, refers to where a person lives, and domicile and residency can sometimes differ. When an individual has multiple residences, there is a higher likelihood that they will have to pay taxes in multiple jurisdictions. We provide advice on how to mitigate some of these taxes to gain benefits.

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has the authority to levy significant taxes and penalties. It is crucial to comprehend your domicile and residence and how taxation functions in both nations. Insufficient knowledge in this area may lead to dual taxation, resulting in an unnecessary financial burden. Our services are designed to address all your concerns and offer solutions that minimize your tax liabilities. We thoroughly examine various scenarios that may arise and provide the optimal solutions. Take advantage of our services today.

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