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Estate planning involves organizing your assets in the most efficient way for the future generation to which the assets will be passed. It is important to cut down the amount of tax that your heirs are going to pay if they are going to inherit the property. It takes a little time and planning to get the most efficient plan but it is worth putting a little hard work for. A lot of tax that has to be paid can be reduced just by simply making a proper structured will. We have the best estate planning in UK.

We provide wide variety of services from writing wills to succession planning. Will planning and estate planning are very different from each other. We provide will writing services where in we advice how the will can be drafted according to your needs and at your own pace. We provide flexibility because we know it takes some time to get an idea to frame the will. Thinking of approaching a solicitor? Think over again will writing is pocket friendly option than consulting a solicitor.

We also provide services in trust funds. We have a team of excellent advisors who can provide you with plans tailored according to your needs. Planning trust funds is also important as side assets like cash, life insurance and etc. can be distributed to your future generations the way you want them to be distributed. Inheritance tax can also be reduced when proper planning is done and we provide the service for the same. Why pay more when you can actually pay less just by little planning? Our team of highly talented professionals will give you optimal options so that your heirs are not burdened with paying substantial amounts.

Want to reduce the inheritance tax even more? We have solution for this. We provide planning where in you can give tax free gifts just to reduce the inheritance tax. Professional advice will help you avoid some major tax receipts. Wealth management is also one forte that we provide services in. Wealth management can help you to make smart investments.

Have some property abroad? We also provide services for international estate planning. Following all the guidelines from International Bar Association (IBA), we provide international will services too. Succession planning is done to provide a legal way to pass on your property and responsibilities and to know how much percentage of shares each heir gets. This has to be done by professionals so that the tax can be lowered or exempted. We have a team of advisors to do the same. Come avail our services today!

Our Individual Accounting Services

Will Writing

Will writing is one of the most important step in estate planning. Writing a will must be done by a professional so that you don’t miss out any important aspect.

Trust and Executorships

When you want to pass on your assets to your heirs, estate planning comes into the picture. One of the most crucial aspects is trust and executorships.

Lasting power of attorney

Oasis provides advice and assists in making a Lasting Power of Attorney. Find out more about our LPA service

inheritance tax planning

Specialist Inheritance Tax Planning Solicitors in London. The best strategy for your beneficiaries. Call us today.


Mortgages are loans which are intended to help buyers purchase residential property. When you take out a loan, the lender charges interest

Estate Planning

Our highly qualified estate planning attorney gives well-crafted estate planning solutions tailored to your situation

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